I was in one of my best friend's weddings and wanted to do something more than writing a check; I wanted to do something special. A few months prior I was in a wedding with Krystina where she gifted the bride (my sister-in-law and her best friend) a beautiful sketch of her dress. When I was thinking of what to do for a special gift for my best friend, I was glad I recalled Krystina’s beautiful work. My friend’s dress was lace with many intricate details, but I knew after seeing some of Krystina’s work that she would do a great job! Since my friend’s dress had a beautiful back, I opted for a front and back view. In a timely manner Krystina completed the sketch. It was beautiful! I was so excited to give it to my friend that I brought it to her that same night it came in the mail. Krystina voiced that that lace was a bit more difficult than she anticipated, but I believe she did a fantastic job. My favorite part of the sketch was the train. She did a fantastic job with the details in how the dress layed and the lace in this area of the dress was spot on. One thing I wish I had voiced, had I known to voice beforehand, was that the body be realistic in the proportions. I felt as though the torso was a bit long and narrow, but nothing to be bothered or upset by. It is a wonderful piece of art that my friend will cherish forever. I will definitely ask Krystina to do more work for me in the future!