Brushing Bride came to fruition after gifting a bridal gown illustration to my best friend. I had been drawing pictures for her on special occasions since we were little girls, and I thought her dress would be the perfect subject on her wedding day. I framed the sketch and gave it to her on her wedding day. Afterwards, her twelve bridesmaids asked how they could place an order, and, thus, Brushing Bride was born.

It's funny to look back and see how I came to this point. When I was eleven years old I asked my mom to purchase a vendor booth at the local art fair so I could sell laminated stamps that I made into earrings. In high school, I took art classes, and, as President of the Economics Club, I would use these classes to design apparel using my own artwork, selling it to students.  In college I was an art minor and traveled to Australia to study Aboriginal Art. Then, I graduated college and started a job in the health insurance industry. WHAT?!

Up until now, I honestly couldn't relate to "those people" that made a life out of doing what they love. I have always immersed myself in art because I loved it, and up until now, I rarely ever shared it. It has been an absolute pleasure to be asked to recreate wedding dresses for these beautiful brides. Although there seems to be an endless amount of different styles, the one consistency I see throughout these photos is the shear joy and happiness on the bride's faces when wearing their gowns. It truly is infectious.